DS Nnamdi Network

About DSNN

DS Nnamdi E.C. Jason

DivineSeer Nnamdi Ezevulu Chude Jason, is a voice a Philomath and a reality. A naturalist, automated writer,  a visionary, a physikoi (natural philosopher), an autodidact, a spiritual & relationship coach, an optimistic thinker, and the DS of VeelNeel Spiritual Nation and VeelNeel Global Business Inc.

He started his enlightenment series after years and ongoing mystical relationship with THE SUPREME CREATOR, He intend to share his deepened knowledge on friends and family, explaining with facts the reasons and important of a renewed and transformed mind in our society. He went on a transformation journey, where he encountered the (bat kol) Divinity, the VOICE that called him, enlightened him into the overall truth, the path towards spiritual awareness and physical splendors.

DS Nnamdi Network show is a syndicated online talk-show, created to channel Nnamdi’s ideologies and philosophies into the minds of humanity in general. Regardless of our difference, DS Nnamdi believes that we are spirited beings first and that’s where he tends to begin from.

The show will have programmes that will transform our collective mind; give realistic facts and open the truth with the lens of universal light through the guidance the CREATOR’s inner residual compass that dwells in us all.


DS Nnamdi Network is to lead renewing minds towards a better world by:

  • Create a better world
  • Transform the mind
  • Activate Humanity
  • Usher in the Godlism era
  • Building intellect locally for global impact.
  • Offering a self transformative segments for all
  • Changing ill culture | Tradition | Religion | Education | Family Orientation.
  • Building a media empire through the growth of the people
  • Making spiritual conscious people
  • Making successful people
  • Understanding the great intellectuals: by Just & a humble veneration of the works of God upon Earth. Also Understanding of the dominion over those works which has been vested on man.
  • Help keep a ever transforming Humankind, who learns and grow through the variation of others before its awareness.


DS Nnamdi Network is mandated to become a beckon for the world

  • Creating moments for positive change
  • Advocate for Humanitarian freedom
  • Developing the awareness of Godlism in each person.
  • Grow a society of self worth
  • Create a factual baton of reality through a well packed storytelling and programs.
  • Reach every human, regardless of their race, color, ethnic groups or religion by the one soul- one spirit audacity.
  • Usher in peace and love by uniting and prosper


DS Nnamdi Network has a role to play in our daily becoming, helping and holding hands through the lighted compass which leads to a happy and fulfilled life and antenna awareness.

  • Guide the truth
  • Teach the truth
  • Become the truth
  • Address the truth
  • Present the truth by facts and knowledgeable instinct
  • Raise builders & painters
  • Direct mystic & thinkers
  • Loyalty instead of Abject freedom


  • Activate humanity for super human experience
  • Humanology is the total study and understanding of a Human (Human nature| becoming a naturalist |Traditionalist | Originist |
  • Humanification is the fusing of Humanity into becoming a super human | godlism
  • Godlism is the era of ascension and manifestation of Humanity into the ye are gods
  • Namepism is the becoming of gods with knowledge and authority for each SuperHuman.


  • Two split of VN of DS
  • Create intellectual catchy mini clips for ads, then expand the topic via Talk-show
  • Create technological ideas, connect with relevant institutions then propose while make Idea.
  • Gather or govern| know what to gather & how to rule
  • Promote knowledgeable strength over failures
  • Connect with becoming not achieving
  • Attract with dress to be addressed presentation
  • Cover sectors of existence through thought out arts and leadership skills
  • Be approachable
  • Be inspiring
  • Be their hope and show them they are your future.

Rules & Cordination

These are the otus of our movement, and there should be learned and observed.

  • No argument but conversation
  • No ego on education, submissive to accept knowledge.
  • No rejection of knowledge, we listen and adequately ponder for right decision.
  • Observe the facts on all sides
  • No basis of the head or heart
  • Employ your mind to determine the odds paths
  • Follow the leads towards the root
  • Identify truth when it’s naked.